Will Strategy is a strategy and management consulting firm based in Paris, France.

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Paris, France

Looking for a strategy consulting firm in Paris? A few steps about how to find a trusted advisor

Are you looking for a strategy consulting firm in Paris ? We know it is not easy to find a trusted advisor. Here are the steps we are suggesting to make you feel comfortable when working with us.

  • First contact – You may contact us by email to schedule a phone call and meeting, if you are nearby.
  • First meeting – We make acquaintance with you and listen to your situation and request, in a strictly confidential manner, without engagement from your side.
  • Proposition – We suggest a proposal then adjust it with you (objectives, budget, planning…).
  • Engagement – If our proposal suits you, we agree to collaborate.
  • Collaboration and monitoring – We work with each other and assess the achievement of objectives on a regular basis.
  • End of project – We have an overview of achievements and of the experience acquired.

Will (auxiliary verb): used to express futurity and purpose.