20+ years of experience with 100+ organizations (from business to public sector to non profit…)

Over the years, we have worked (strategy consulting, research & innovation, keynotes & courses, executive coaching…) with more than 100 organizations (from business to public sector to non profit…), mostly in France but also elsewhere in Europe and in the world (USA, Australia, Tunisia, Russia…).


For more than 20 years, we have been working as consultant, researcher, teacher, coach… for a wide range of actors from business to public sector to non profits… such as:

  • Private sector companies, from multinational corporations (BNP Paribas, La Poste, Microsoft, Nokia, Orange, SAP, SFR…) to SMEs and startups in various industries (high tech, telecommunication, digital services, software editors, banking and insurance, energy, metals and mining, chemistry, air transport, automotive, tourism…)
  • Public sector (services of the French Prime minister, ministry of Economy and Finance, ministry of Defense, ministry of Culture, ministry of Health and Solidarity, institutions such as Sorbonne University, etc.)
  • Non-profit and international organizations (Red Cross, Transparency International, Open Government Partnership…)

Some of them kindly explain what they liked, when working with Will Strategy.

Strategy Consulting – Tech company specialized in artificial intelligence applied to B2B marketing

“Will Strategy helped us explore and assess our options, as we were considering international development.

As a tech company specialized in artificial intelligence applied to B2B marketing, we appreciated to work with a strategy consultancy with a clear understanding of what was at stake both on the technological side and on the business sides.”

François Bancilhon
CEO of Data Publica / C-Radar

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