Who are we?

Lancelot Pecquet, founder and CEO of Will Strategy since 2011, is a strategy and management consultant since 2006, and a researcher and lecturer since 1998 (Inria, Polytechnique, CentraleSupélec, Sciences Po, ENA, ESSEC Business School, Bell Labs, University of Sydney, Sorbonne Université…). Lancelot has been working for more than 20 years at the junction of human science (strategy and management consulting – Global Executive MBA, INSEAD -, psychology and ethics – doctoral researcher, Paris Nanterre University) and digital science (mathematics, computer science and information security – PhD, Inria / Sorbonne University after ENS-Lyon).

Originally, Will was co-founded as a spin off of Stance Partners, a management consulting firm that Lancelot had joined in 2006, shortly after its creation, where he “earned his stripes” to become a strategy and management consultant after his researcher experience. Stance, founded by five consultants from international consultancies, grew in a few years to about €7 million revenue and 30 consultants. In 2012, Stance joined a large consulting firm, while Will Strategy became 100% independant.

Will (noun): An individual or collective wish, desire or passion.