Values, ethics, principles, innovation at Will  
Working at your side on a strategic challenge is both a privilege and an important responsibility. Our values, our ethics and three principles in particular guide our action to deserve your trust every day:

Be pragmatic and support you until you succeed –

Unlike many strategy consultancies, Will is not a spin-off of another strategy consulting firm. Its founders earned their stripes on the field as managers within organizations before to spend years servicing them as consultants. Therefore they know, as you do, that a strategy must be realistic and practicable, because the greatest difficulty lies in its execution and adaptation.

Contribute to develop your strategy –

A strategy cannot be copied. Beyond industry benchmarks and “best practices” which are not always adapted and, in addition, not differentiating in a competitive setting, Will proposes you to innovate by acquiring a unique solution, designed for you and by you, with the backing of consultants and experts at your service. They will provide careful listening and methodological support, share their experience in analogous circumstances and the fruit of Will’s R&D in strategy and management

Listen and involve stakeholders –

Success or failure of any action within an organization depends critically on human factors: personal and collective stakes that need to be perceived and integrated, even when they are not expressed, feeling of being respected, or not, enthusiasm or resistance to change, positive or negative working atmosphere… A Partner, present at your side, and consultants recruited for their interpersonal skills are trustworthy allies to ensure your project will be successful.

Will’s values and ethics are the bases of a loyal and healthy relation

Always serve your best interest:

Will is an independant consultancy that stays away from any conflict of interest such as incompatible alliances or assignments, while protecting strict confidentiality.

Serve, also, the public interest:

Will supports several non-profit initiatives, in art, education, science and citizenship, to which Will dedicates the equivalent of a quarter of its benefits.