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Will is a strategy consulting company based in Paris (France)

Created in 2011, Will is a young strategy consultancy, spin-off of Stance Partners, a management consulting firm founded in 2005 (€6.9 million revenue, about forty consultants).

Will was born to meet the new needs of organizations (large and small enterprises, the public sector, nonprofit organizations…) which face more and more complex challenges in an increasingly uncertain environment

Adapt to a connected, globalized, accelerated world, requires new approaches. To think, decide and act efficiently, pure expertise is not enough anymore: it becomes necessary to consider the interrelations between several industries, several functions, several cultures.

In a time of shocks and crises, classical methods and analyses may turn out to be inappropriate. While entire industries suffer, organizations must more than ever innovate, differentiate and acquire the necessary agility to create and prevent strategic surprise.

For each situation, Will identifies with you the most relevant experts and methods to help you design and implement your strategy

Will proposes a three-step personalized assistance to:

  • Build a working group adapted to your challenges, by making available trustworthy participants, with skills which are pertinent and complementary to those already present in your organization, who come from a selective, quality network of more than 200 consultants and experts
  • Organize reflexion and lead it to an efficient decision, within time constraints, by using a tailor-made selection of methodologies in strategy and management (classical and/or coming from our R&D), that allow to formulate and solve the problem collectively with your teams and the stakeholders
  • Support the action and evolution of your organisation by facilitating the cascading, the execution and the adaptation of your chosen strategy

In a nutshell, Will is characterized by:

  • A diversified and selective network of consultants and experts chosen for their ability to contribute to your collective reflection, (technical and “soft” skills)
  • A coherent, tailor-made approach that can be classical or “spicy” according to your taste, based on the mastery of consulting techniques, an expertise in the resolution of complex multidisciplinary problems, and an R&D in strategy and management that may help you develop a competitive advantage
  • An independent, down-to-earth consultancy, without conflicts of interest : an allied who, beyond recommendations, is at your side until you succeed