Services & References

Over the years, we have worked with more than 100 organizations, mostly in France but also elsewhere in Europe and in the world (USA, Australia, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Russia…):

  • Private sector companies, from multinational corporations (BNP Paribas, La Poste, Microsoft, Nokia, Orange, SAP, SFR…) to SMEs and startups
  • Public sector (services of the French Prime minister, minister of Economy and Finance, minister of Defense, Sorbonne University…)
  • Non-profit (Red Cross, Transparency International…) et and international organizations (Open Government Partnership…)

We offer services of:

  • Strategy and management consulting and support
  • Research and innovation
  • Conferences and teachings
  • Coaching

We leverage those services to help our clients tackle their complex, high stakes challenges (AI and digital transformation, ethics, disruptive innovation…).