Poker and strategy - Will Strategy Consulting  

A tailor-made advisory service at competitive price

  • A Will Partner designs with you a really personnalized approach where the expertise type and degree of the contributors, as well as their experience level match exactly your needs and budget
  • The presence of specialists, and the use of proven methodologies, save time and allow to go straight to the point
  • Will has limited fixed costs (being network-oriented, there are neither costs to compensate for the “beach time” of available consultants, nor internal pressure to “staff” them as in a classical consultancy; light business development costs imply no “stacking” of Partners as in large firms)
  • No brand premium
  • A “reasonable margins” philosophy.

A simplified procurement of intellectual services

– Will is a single point of contact that allows you to benefit from the contribution of independant qualified consultants and experts, without having to manage yourself, one by one, each individual cases (identification, bidding, contracting, invoicing, administration…).

Mitigated supplier risks

– Will resources are secured through real alliances with a pool of trutworthy free lance consultants and experts, as well as partnering consultancies. In case of unavailability of a contributor, the Will Partner, present on the field, preserves the approach and the “project knowledge” while he finds a relevant substitut.

To serve you better, Will combines the advantages of a network approach and of an innovative real consultancy: you benefit from a high value-added service, while saving time, money and mitigating risks